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LCD Screen With FPC For Peugeot 407 Dashboard (Improved Version)
9/18/2017 2:33 AM  |  Technical Support

 SA1004-2 LCD screen is a self-developed version from the original. Quality has been greatly improved by SACER. It’s a replacement for instrument cluster or dashboard. Compatible for Peugeot 407 (2006).

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OEM, Wholesale 2017 New Product Release Vehicle Video Recorder --- Purchase appropriately rather than Expensive and Multi-Functional
4/20/2017 1:58 AM  |  Technical Support

PrefaceVehicle Video Recorder is a rapidly consumable items at nearly years, which has occupied a large market in the auto accessories markets. The diversification of the vehicle video recorder in the market is a problem for customer to face when they need to choose what they need. Thousands of types in the market and different prices and all sorts of smart functions, which also misleads customers to choose what they actually need. We all want to know what actually we should notice when we choose the product Today, Editor will teach you how to choose a correct car camera recorder for your car. 

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OEM BMW F48 X1 Navigation Display Screen 6.5 Display Monitor Navigation LCD Dash Display Screen Monitor
3/26/2017 7:31 PM  |  Technical Support

BMW is very popular in the car world, because of its three functions: bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors and backup cameras, navigation system screen. BMW might be the reigning king of automotive technology at the moment. Especially the third function: navigation system.

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New technique LCD Display with FPC and IC Driver for Audi / VW / Seat / Skoda Instrument Cluster
2/23/2017 11:48 PM  |  Technical Support

With the social development, people also want to make their cars more perfect, which can catch up with the footsteps of the times. If your audi instrument cluster is faded, do you still think the car is beautiful, do you still think your car is good? 

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How long it takes to send the package to UK?
1/22/2015 12:09 AM  |  Technical Support  |  Cecile Cao

How many times it takes to send the package to UK?

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