Company profile


Sacer  is a Chinese  manufactory  formed  of  highly-skilled  and experienced automotive engineers in 2007, which develops and produces high-tech electronic spare parts for automotive rebuilders & remanufacturers. We  have  our  own  engineer  team  in Europe, which  works  on  product  development  and  research, together with more than 100 employees in China, who  process the   assembly   line   according  to  European  standard  quality control system. We have various OE  quality vendor databases , which  help to  identify material at  competitive low prices.  As  a result , we become  the  bridge  between  European technology and Chinese resources.


Sacer believes in “think twice before processing”, which means we have done extensive research to the reason why original part breaks.

In 2013, we established a warehouse in Germany to shorten the delivery time for orders as well as save UPS costs for customers.

Sacer provides 2-year  Warranty for all over the Europe.