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SA1200 - LCD display for Audi/VW/Seat/ Skoda VDO group only

Exceptions: COG LCD display with FPC cable.
Application:Instrument Cluster / Dashboard.
Model: Audi/VW/Seat/ Skoda VDO group only(1999-2004) .

  • Car Make
  • Car Models
  • Year
  • OE Nr.
  • Petrol / Diesel
  • Ordernr
Audi A3 / A4 / A6 -2003     SA1200
VW Passat -2003     SA1200
VW Golf 4 -2003     SA1200
Seat   -2004     SA1200
Skoda VDO -2004     SA1200





LCD Display With FPC


Instrument Cluster / Dashboard


Audi A3 / A4 / A6 (-2003), VW Passat / Golf 4 (-2003), Seat (-2004), Skoda (-2004) VDO Only


1. Fully meet the OE specifications and perfect fit the module, For VDO group only. 

2. COG LCD display with FPC cable. No soldering needed, 26 pins from FPC side.

3. Same contrast with SA1200-1, Difference: 34 pins for SA1200, 26 pins SA1200-1.

4. 100% Brand New product and tested prior to leaving the factory.

Advantages of COG:

1 Procedures and crafts simplification, The IC is boned on electrode of LCD directly, reducing the red taps of the soldering procedures.

2. The volume is much smaller than Chip On Board, namely, COB. COG is a trend of miniaturization and simplification, even Highly integrated.

3. No worries about being deformed.


Item Number SA1200
Applied Position Instrument Cluster / Dashboard
Dimension 55.5*45.0*2.0mm
Connect Type Pin With FPC Cable, No Soldering
Pins 34 Pins From FPC Side
Assembly Type COG
Storage Temperature  -30℃ to 80℃
Operation Temperature -20℃ to 70℃
Condition  100% Brand New
Warranty  2 years


1. Please carefully inspect the products within 3 Working-Days from the day of receipt, otherwise overdue request will not be covered in warranty.

2. If the exterior-package is broken or parcel is short in quantity when arrived , please apply for compensation from express company.

3. If your received products are broken or damaged or short of quantity when you inspect, please contact with Sacer sales right away.


1. please be aware this product is under 2 years' Full Warranty.

2. Every unit is confirmed to get pass a full function OQC test.

3. Finish full function at HALT test. (including temperature test, aging test, drop test, vibration test, salt spray test, destructive test).